Adventures of eating and sleeping

New Sink!

kristel - 2 January 2012

Just loving our new kitchen sink!


After. A perfect Julie bath!

Bye Bye…


It’s so sad when good friends move away.  We are going to miss you.  🙁

Sharing a snack in the big chair.

Admiring the carnival equipment next door.


All the kiddos.

Bye Bye Hugs.

Christmas 2011


No traveling this Christmas. It was very peaceful. We missed family for sure, but it was still nice. Good friends, good food. And we actually put up a tree. 🙂

The Night Before Christmas!

Let's take a break to play with something new!

Playing together!

Bouncing on "pony tail"...

All dressed and ready to play...

Family Christmas Picture

10 Months


Julie in her first Christmas dress!

Month 10 Brown Chair

9 Months


Month 9 (and a half) Brown Chair

Halloween 2011


My little Fire Fighter and Love Bug!

Thomas the Fire Fighter!

Julie the Love Bug!

Mommy the Gardener!

Daddy the Construction Worker!

October Snow – 22 inches!


Here comes the snow… and since the leaves haven’t fallen off the trees… here comes crashing down all the trees… and here goes everyone’s power… and here is postponed Halloween… But, at least Thomas is having fun digging out. Julie is not sure what to think.


Are you sure it's October?

This is fun!

This is cold.

First sit in the snow. (Technically her first snow storm was driving home, 6 hours old.)

My little bundles.

8 Months


Sometimes I barely get a good chair picture, but this month it was hard to decide. Here are my two favorites. In the end, the smile one made the BrownChair page.

Month 8 Brown Chair

Sweet baby girl.

Apple Picking 2011


Julie's first Apple Picking

Random Fall Pictures


Thomas and Mommy use every single train piece!

Julie is practicing her future quilting hobby... or maybe house design!

Oh sweet potatoes, how sweet you are...

Sitting Up!

7 Months


Month 7 (and a half) Brown Chair

3 years old!


Happy Birthday Thomas! What could be better, a picnic at the park with best friend and cupcakes! He insisted on Purple-Chocolate-Raspberry-Cake. All summer I kept asking and his story never changed, so I think I did pretty good with Chocolate cupcakes and Black Raspberry “Purple” frosting. 🙂

Birthday boy entering Wonderland!

Best Friends...

Baby sister having fun, too!

Daddy and Julie.

Birthday Ham & Cheese Bread

Birthday Fruit Kabobs

Birthday Boy w/ Purple Chocolate Black-Raspberry Cupcake

Birthday loot...

Montessori School


Now that Thomas is a 3 year old, he started preschool at Southern NH Montessori Academy.  Here are some pictures from his first day at school.

Wearing my backpack.

Ready for School.

Daddy was a chaperone on the first field trip! A hayride to the pumpkin patch and an adventure through the corn maze.

My pumpkin.

Corn maze.

Feeding the Goats.

Two days a week, they have “edible classroom” and on these days, I wish I was having lunch with him. It looks so much better than my lunch! Here are just a few lunches he’s had this year. (Pictures borrowed from his school Facebook page.)

Toasted Cheese, Tomato Soup, Teriyaki Green Beans, Pineapple

Beef Stew, Brussels Sprouts, Buscuits w/ Lemon Curd

Ministrone, English Muffin w/ Peanut Butter, Salad and Clementines

Chicken Sausage, Soft Pretzel, Cabbage Three Ways

Samosa, Chutney, Channa Masala, Naan, Paneer and Mango Lassi

Frittata (Spinach-Mushroom OR Turkey-Ham-Cheese), Pumpkin Scone, Watermelon

Scrambled Eggs & Cheese, Gingerbread, Rice Pudding w/ Sweet Potato, Roasted Beets

Burger (Beef OR Black Bean), Sweet Potato Oven Fries, Homemade Pickles & Ketchup

Bagels, Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Potato Latkes, Homemade Applesauce

6 Months


Month 6 Brown Chair

Being a Big Brother


Thomas is using his swaddle blanket like a sling, so he can hold his baby just like Momma holds Julie.  Such a good daddy he is.  🙂  Also, some quality brother-sister time on the couch.

Swaddles make good slings.

Burping the baby!

Sibling snuggles

5 Months


Month 5 Brown Chair

First Tomatoes

peter - 24 July 2011

We know summer must be here since we have tomatoes ripening on our deck. Every day after school Thomas likes to eat the days tomatoes.

first cherry tomatoes

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